UHD accessing metadata

I have been working with the uhd version of gnuradio and have attached a
gps unit to the usrp2 to set the pps. So far, I have not figured out
how to extract the time (secs and nsecs) metadata for a signal sample.
This is mostly due to my limited C++ coding skills. Has anyone
successfully extracted the time metadata and would you be willing to
share the C++ code to show me how to capture and extract the time

Criss Swaim
[email protected]
cell: 505.301.5701

gnuradio does not offer any kind of sample decoration. So, the metadata
is present in the simple uhd source block, and dropped on its way out of
the block.

You would need to make some kind of c++ app in gnuradio or maybe
standalone to deal with the metatdata. I dont know another way.

Also, the uhd comes with an example app called rx_timed_samples.cpp, you
may want to take a look at this to see how the api deals with the
metadata. I will expand this example to include clock configuration when
i get the chance as well.

I hope that helps,


Could you make example application for transmission as well. I think it
would help greatly.


Quoting Josh B. [email protected]: