Ubuntu 20.04 LTS RBENV no ruby 3

I want to install Ruby 3 using rbenv on my Ubuntu desktop, I’ve checked I have the latest version but when I list available versions ruby 3 is not in the list. However I have installed Ruby 3 using rbenv on my Mac so I’m a little confused !

Is it just that Ruby 3 is not available on Ubuntu but is for Mac ?



You can just use rvm to install ruby 3.0:

$ \curl -sSL https://get.rvm.io | bash -s stable
$ export PATH="$PATH:$HOME/.rvm/
$ rvm install ruby-3.0.0

And you can run ruby-3.0.0 like this:

$ source ~/.rvm/scripts/rvm
$ rvm use ruby-3.0.0

Launch irb with irb, install gem with gem, and run ruby with ruby as you normally do.

I don’t think you can use rvm with rbenv

Yes, that’s true. But I think you can also use rvm alone instead of rbenv. I am suggesting it because I personally use RVM, and I have Ruby 1.9 to Ruby 3.0 installed with RVM. You can get ruby with rvm and use just like rbenv…
Maybe others with rbenv knowledge can help…

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