Typo's moving to Github

Hi list,

As I’ve announced yesterday on our official blog, Typo sources has now
moved to Github at http://github.com/fdv/typo/tree. Announcement is at

I’ve always been pretty hostile to Git and Mercurial like version
control systems, and have a particular love to SVN. We’ve however
decided today to switch Typo from Subversion to Git, and more
precisely on Github. Sources have already migrated on a new
repository, and we’re going to close the old one soon.

There are many reasons for this. Some of them are dead obvious, some
other are less, but things are now done.

Why choosing Git?

Because Cyril M., my co maintener has been harassing me for months
and bribing me with fresh Guiness.

A large majority of Ruby on Rails projects have already migrated from
Subversion to Git, following the framework itself. While Typo was
sticking to Rails 2.0.2, this didn’t bother us at all. With trunk
having switched to Rails 2.2, managing external resources has become
impossible. We’re now using both Git submodules for Rails itself, and
gem dependencies for other plugins. We’re trying to enlighten our
codebase, which has recently been drastically reduced with a double
sides axe.

I also wanted to split our officially supported plugins in separate
repositories after moving them apart Typo itself. Each plugin now has
its own depot, and it’s cleaner this way.

Why Github?

Mostly for marketing and visibility purpose. But also for its great
usability and user friendlyness.

We’ll keep using Redmine at Typosphere. The codebase has been cloned
locally and will be refreshed every hour to be displayed on the depot
part of the site. This is still in progress but will be done very


Frédéric de Villamil
removed_email_addres[email protected] tel: +33 (0)6 62 19 1337
http://t37.net Typo : http://typosphere.org