Typo plugins via externals or something

Now that the sidebars have been split out is there a plan to make their
inclusion/installation an optional process as well? Something about
the XBox sidebar in my install makes me want to hurt people :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, we’d have to move sidebars to plugins before we can break them
out. Oh, wait… :slight_smile:

We need to build some sort of infrastructure for listing Typo plugins
and making them easy to install. Once that’s done, we’ll probably
shed half of the sidebars. There are some versioning issues that I
haven’t spent much time thinking about, but I’m sure they’re solvable.


If you are interested in leveraging Proofread[1] and turning it in to a
general purpose Typo enhancement catalog, I’d be willing to push it in
that direction.

I’m already versioning themes, and I’m working* on better test scripts.
Managing the plugins in the same way could be nice. Having themes and
plugins available in one place would be very nice.

How does that match up with what you had in mind for listing Typo


[1] http://proofread.digital-achievement.com/catalog/

*OK, not so much this week – not much code until I get wedding
invitations in the mail, otherwise I’ll have two mothers and a bride
upset. :slight_smile:

Scott L. wrote:

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Typo-list mailing list
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