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Hi list,

Between 4.0 and 4.1, there were lots of changes in the plugins
Plugins have been rewriten to become simple rails plugins you can
install with script/plugin install {#PLUGIN_SOURCE_URI}.

We’ve been talking about this lately Piers and I. We’re going to
remove most of them from the application core and set up an official
plugin repository.

This aims at 4 things
– Enlighten Typo as much as we can.
– Stop waiting for a new Typo release each time a service changes its
API. We’ll just update the plugins.
– Remove redundancy : I guess most people don’t use both delicious
and magnolia. And I wonder how much of you really use the xbox card

Here are the plugins we’re going to leep in the trunk :
– Archives (will be activated in the default install)
– Amazon (because it interacts with some text filters, it’s a good
example to show)
– Categories (will be activated in the default install)
– Recent comments
– Statics (with Typo developers blogroll activated by default)
– Tags
– XML syndication (will be activated in the default install)

We’ll start moving less used plugins starting today, and the whole
change will be removed at the next release. Remember using the trunk
is always at your own risks.


Frédéric de Villamil
[email protected] tel: +33 (0)6 62 19 1337
http://fredericdevillamil.com Typo : http://typosphere.org

Hello All ~

Read this post too late. I upgraded to trunk, migrated, and things
were borked on my home page. I was getting errors like this in the

Filter chain halted as
[#Proc:[email protected]/home/deploy/benr75.com/public/../config/../vendor/rails/actionpack/lib/action_controller/filters.rb:597]
did not yield.

The admin worked so I clicked every link until something failed, and
it turned out to be the removal of the Xbox Gamertag plugin for the
sidebar. You will see an error like this:

ActiveRecord::SubclassNotFound (The single-table inheritance mechanism
failed to locate the subclass: ‘XboxSidebar’. This error is raised
because the column ‘type’ is reserved for storing the class in case of
inheritance. Please rename this column if you didn’t intend it to be
used for storing the inheritance class or overwrite
Sidebar.inheritance_column to use another column for that

To fix I used the mysql command line and ran the following on my
production database:

delete from sidebars where type = ‘XboxSidebar’;

Maybe in the future when a plugin is removed from typo, there is a
raised exception that draws your attention to a commented line in a
migration that would when uncommented would remove the offending data
from your sidebars table for the legacy plugin?



On 4/15/07, Frederic de Villamil [email protected] wrote:

– Amazon (because it interacts with some text filters, it’s a good

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