Typo or Rails HTTPS => HTTP...:443 bug

I recently upgraded to the latest Rails and Typo. Now when I am in
the admin section of Typo and I submit a form I often get this error:

Bad Request

Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand.
Reason: You’re speaking plain HTTP to an SSL-enabled server port.
Instead use the HTTPS scheme to access this URL, please.

Hint: https://www.example.com/

I was on this page:

and ended up on this:

What’s happened is that somewhere in the request, “https” has been
changed to “http” and the port number 443 has been appended to the
server address.

I’ve started poking around in the code, but wonder if anyone else has
encountered this or knows if a fix is already in the works.


Jamie O-H

As a follow-up, I also noticed that if I enter one of my blog’s posts
using HTTPS, the trackback URL is of the wrong form. Have a look:


here’s a tiny url version: