Typo 3.99.2 available-ish

Typo 3.99.2 is out. It includes a few installer fixes (relative
and Windows /dev/null), templates for Apache and Lighttpd configs, and
of yesterday’s Typo fixes. It’ll probably be a couple hours before
Rubyforge finishes copying it everywhere, but you can grab a copy from
http://scottstuff.net/misc/typo-3.99.2.gem if ‘gem install typo’ fails
a 404.

Apparently there was a permissions problem with one Rubyforge mirror
yesterday, that’s what caused all of the 404s the people kept seeing.
They’ve fixed it, but it still may take a while for 3.99.2 to copy.

Please test this release and let me know how it goes. Thanks.


Is the plan for typo gem updates going to be for release installs, or
it also include milestoned svn trunk installs?

The plan is that releases will be available as .gems (as well as .tar.gz
.zip, just like before). I’m going to try to do more frequent stable
releases, but I’m not planning on doing “checkpoint” releases out of
subversion. You can actually use the installer directly out of
but it’s not really documented yet. Basically, the full command is
install PATH [VERSION]’. VERSION can refer to any version available via
gems, or it can be the string ‘cwd’, in which case it uses the current
working directory as the source for the install.

So, if you have a checked-out SVN tree, you can run the installer via
‘./bin/typo install PATH cwd’.


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