Type mismatch with ruby-db2 when using set_primary_key

I have successfully installed ruby-db2-0.4.4.
I have successfully connected to DB2 and have displayed the one table
that I generated a model for. My problem is that this table is part of
a legacy app and so it does not follow the standards for Rails. My
primary key for this table is called PKEY instead of id. When I modify
my model for this table and add set_primary_key “pkey”, my sql fails and
I see that the generated sql looks exactly right except for the places
that reference PKEY use it as if it were a varchar or char field.
(things like : where table.pkey = ‘408’). My PKEY field is defined in
the table as a BIGINT. Am I looking at a problem with ruby-db2 or am I
just still too new at this?

Mike Hubbard