Tying into SiteController - Specs Failing

Ok, I’ve got a weird one here. In an extension, I’m attempting to add a
method or two to SiteController. I do this in the extension activate
method like:

def activate
SiteController.send :include, SiteControllerMods

Then, in /lib/site_controller_mods.rb I define a module to add methods,

module SiteControllerMods

Even without adding any methods, Radiant doesn’t like this – the
built-in SiteController specs start to fail left and right. I’ve used
this approach in the past and it worked just fine – what changed with

Could this be something to do with Rails 2.0? Or maybe a conflict with

Is there a better approach?


I just added a module to the SiteController the other day for the
first time (thanks Cribbs). I overwrite one of the methods actually.
Here is a sample of my module:

module TunaSiteOverride
def self.included(base)
base.class_eval do
alias_method_chain :show_page, :tuna_site_override

def show_page_with_ tuna_site_override
# Code in here

And here is my extension:

class TunaExtension < Radiant::Extension
def activate
SiteController.send :include, TunaSiteOverride

What are the exact errors you are getting? I am curious as to where
it is failing in the SiteController. As for what is new in 0.6.6, no
clue. I am JUST starting to hack into it :slight_smile:

On Sat, May 10, 2008 at 12:50 PM, Chris P.
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Is there a better approach?


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Well, I was having problems with my tests where:
get :my_method, :other_params

Just wasn’t seeming to trigger my method. When I ran “rake
spec:controllers” it turns out that Radiant’s site_controller_spec.rb
would fail all over the place too – errors tied to checking the
response (success expected but was fail, etc).This would happen even if
I didn’t declare any methods – just mixed in the code. Remove the
include line from the extension_name.rb file and all was well.

Since I’m writing this extension BDD style, I didn’t even bother to fire
up a server (I don’t have any views yet anyway) so I don’t know if this
would have run fine and that the errors might just be a testing setup
thing… As I mentioned originally, perhaps this is a case of the rSpec
mixins fighting with mine.

My other thought was that possibly something special was needed to
properly declare the controller and response objects – that rSpec
wasn’t doing it’s magic just right given my spec name or something. (in
fact, I wound up moving my spec to
/specs/controllers/site_controller_mods.rb to get some of the tests to

Anyway, since then, I altered my approach to allow me to create my own
controller that inherits from SiteController so my problems have gone
away on their own. I would love to know what was up here, though.


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