Two versions of Rails on one PC

I want to have Rails 1.1 + Rails 1.0 on the same PC and be able to load
my script with a different version each time. Is it possible?

Fully explain yourself if you want decent help

well, you could do a few things…here is just my opinion.

install rails systemwide as 1.1 (actually, 1.1.2 is now available).

then for the apps you want to run as 1.0, run:

rake rails:freeze:edge TAG=rel_1-0-0

inside your app directory. this will install rails local to the app
(specifically, it installs rails to the vendor directory in your app)

if you want to go back to the system install of rails:

rake rails_unfreeze (normally this would be rake rails:unfreeze but that
a 1.1+ thing apparently)

for more options, run rake -T in your app directory

hope this helps.

You can do this quite easily with Instant Rails, as each is a
‘package’. Can’t have both running at the same time, though.

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Instant Rails looks like a good idea if I hadn’t already have Rails and
MySql installed.

I installed Rails 1.1.2 and tried running my app. Of course there were
some errors as expected. Then I ran “rake rails:freeze:edge
TAG=rel_1-0-0” and it seems that I got the old version back now. But
there is one strange thing - while running a test under 1.1.2 I got this

don’t put space before argument parentheses

This was the first time I got it. After returning to 1.0 I expected this
warning to be gone, but it’s still there. Does it mean that the old
version was not restored completely?

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