Two Ruby Developers needed in Delaware

We are currently looking to fill at least 2 developer positions on a
multi-project, multi-person team. We are hiring full time, long-term,
but are open to shorter-term project work that can be renewed if
necessary. Our immediate need is for one of our clients in the
Wilmington, DE area. The positions are the same in nature and require
some specific expertise in a few technical areas.

If you know someone who might fit this role, please let me know right
away and forward this email to them. We appreciate any help!!! The
position is also posted on our web site:

Technical requirements:
Candidates must have experience in Ruby, Rails, Ajax, Java,
Javascript, and similar tools. Must know Unix and be comfortable on
Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server, although intimate sysadmin knowledge is
not required. Finally, familiarity with Apache and mySQL is required.

Favor will be given to candidates that have rich Internet application
(RIA) background, such as Adobe Air/Flex, and familiarity with Tomcat,
Perl, AppleScript (Studio and Cocoa Bridge), and FileMaker. You’ll win
additional points if you have knowledge of Alfresco and the ability to
abstract functionality for developing methods of handling user
personas in a collaborate or social networking application space.

Obviously, this is a Mac-focused organization, so you can’t hate Macs
or think that they can’t do what most other 'nix systems are capable
of. No marks against you if you prefer Windows. However, you might
just find it hard to win friends in influence people on the team!

Soft requirements:
This is every bit as important as the technical requirements, maybe
more so. We need people who are not afraid to take on new technologies
and have a proven track record of mastering them. For example, you and
and your team might decide that someone needs to put together a suite
of Python scripts to work around some limitation in the CMS, but no
one on the team is familiar enough with Python. Well, you might be the
one elected to figure it out, master it, and implement a solution in
one week. If you don’t like these types of challenges or if you shy
away from things you don’t know, then I can promise you won’t be happy
on this team.

We also need people who are willing to work without written
requirements. We employ many aspects of Agile Programming. Much of the
development we are doing is based on someone having an idea and the
team running with it until something amazing drops out. Many
developers enjoy this type of work but it’s not for everyone.
Developers ingrained with a stodgy, corporate-style, waterfall
development methodology are going to find it difficult to cope with
the pace and constantly evolving set of requirements.

Types of projects you might work on:
We currently have projects underway that include digital asset
management (DAM), dynamic web interfaces to an ever-changing set of
databases, “shopping cart” technology for an Enterprise charge-back
system, social networking apps, publishing system customization,
content management system development, etc. As you can see, we have a
diverse and ever-growing number of interesting projects that each
comes with its own set of challenges. We promise that life won’t be
dull around the office!