Two RJS/AJAX problems

So I’m making this photo gallery, which is almost done except for
these two problems. I have 6 thumbnails on the left side of the page,
paginated, with some AJAX. On right of those is the full sized
image. Now for the problems. This is my .rjs file:

page[:fullImages].visual_effect :fade
page.delay(1) do
page.replace_html(“fullImages”, :partial => “image”, :object =>
page[:fullImages].visual_effect :appear

  1. In firefox, this effect works once for the first thumbnail image.
    But after that, the thumbnails are not linked anymore (regular cursor
    instead of the hand cursor). in Safari and IE it works fine the whole
    time. I keep clicking on thumbnails, and the full images keep on
    coming up. It has to do with the effects (the appear I think),
    because when I take those out, it works fine. Any ideas?

  2. When viewing the gallery “locally”, everything loads immediately
    obviously, so the fading effects look good. But when viewing the
    gallery online, the fade is fine, but the appear doesn’t work properly
    since the image isn’t even loaded. When using link_to_remote, you
    have the callbacks such as :complete to execute some code. Can I have
    a similar effect from a .rjs file? I don’t want to use page.delay for
    the effect since every connection will load the images at different
    speeds. If it’s not possible to do it from the .rjs file, can I
    trigger the appear from a link_to_remote? For some reason
    the :complete didn’t work, and I can’t seem to use call (to execute a
    javascript function) either.

Thanks in advance.