Two belongs_to relationship

I have three models:User,Action,Comment.User have has_many relation
with the Action,this is true.A user can make many comments for
different action,an action can have many comments belonging to it.So
can i use two has many and two belongs_to to set the relationship
among the three models like following?
has_many :comments in User model
has_many :comments in Action model
belongs_to :user
belongs_to :action in the Comment model.

That is the Comment has two foreign keys.

On Nov 26, 8:34 am, daociyiyou [email protected] wrote:

That is the Comment has two foreign keys.
Sure, that’s no problem. The Comments belong to a User and an Action
That’s a quite common thing, lots of comments, blog entries or similar
things belong to Users and any kind of List, Group or whatever.

Thank you!

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