Two Announcements - Beta Book and a Rails magazine!


Two announcements, so I’ll split this post into two pieces:


My Ruby on Rails book is now in beta. You can roll on over to the
website for more information and pricing:

Here’s a rundown: Beta eBook is available now, print hopefully in July
sometime. The eBook will be $9 and the print will be $14.


I’d also like to announce the first and at this time only (that I’m
aware of =X) Ruby on Rails magazine. HABTM :MAG aims to be a
practical, quarterly-published resource for Rails developers. We’re
actively searching for contributors, so if you’re looking to spread
some Rails love, bounce over to the website and propose an article.
We’ve got about 40+ pages to fill, so don’t be shy! :slight_smile:

Visit us at

Have a great day.


Hi Jeremy. Maybe I overlooked it, but is there a summary of your book
on the web site? Congratulations for the first chapter!


Half way through that first free chapter.
It’s pretty good. I would at least recommend it to a new Ruby
programmer. Simple and to the point. It really covers the basics of
Ruby that you absolutely need to know about Ruby before doing real
stuff on Rails. Needs a lot of work in the presentation before
publishing to a tree form tough. Think the presentation and layout was
one of the biggest strenght of the Agile book.

Would love a summary on what’s going to be in the whole book though.
TOC would be nice.

And I’m definitely getting that magazine. Can’t I write something for
it and get a free copy in exchange? :wink:

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Have a great day.

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