Twitter script since oAuth

I had a script working with basic authinecation pulling from out local
database and sending updates to twitter, about 12 a month. Not any
crazy traffic. Since Aug 31st they turned off basic authineciton. Ive
tried to implement the follow and it appears to work (pulls back a json
file per the example. Tested this by puts the line to the screen.

I can not, figure out how to post an update to it. Im fairly new (well
not new, but dont do it full time) to programming and I must be missing

Here is the script I am following. Bottom of page for the ruby script,
just cant figure out how to pst an update to the timeline.

# Exchange your oauth_token and oauth_token_secret for an AccessToken
def prepare_access_token(oauth_token, oauth_token_secret)
  consumer ="APIKey", "APISecret",
    { :site => "",
      :scheme => :header
  # now create the access token object from passed values
  token_hash = { :oauth_token => oauth_token,
                 :oauth_token_secret => oauth_token_secret
  access_token = OAuth::AccessToken.from_hash(consumer, token_hash )
  return access_token

# Exchange our oauth_token and oauth_token secret for the AccessToken
access_token = prepare_access_token("abcdefg", "hijklmnop")
# use the access token as an agent to get the home timeline
response = access_token.request(:get,

You can use the twitter gem to post once you have the oauth token or
look at this gem that does both

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