Tutorial question

wxWidgets sources are good to understand the main subject of wxRuby but
if you dont know C++ it stucks somewhere else.
wxPython sources are good sources and syntax is closer to ruby but it is
not ruby at the end.
wxRuby sources are also good but i don’t think there are enough sources.
I use wiki to understand and i closely look at tutorials, i use samples
to solve anything on my own. What should i do for more information? Is
there any source i can use for learning wxRuby?

Hello wx ruby user,

Currently, there are people working on re-writing the Tutorials for how
to work with wxRuby, and we are working to add more Demonstrations of
the wxRuby code to samples directory of the release, so that there is
more to learn from there. Unfortunately, it takes a bit of time in
order for us to get everything together. So please be patient, and if
you have any questions on how something works, or how to do something,
please feel free to send your question here, we’ll be happy to reply
with what we know, and help you along in your en devours.


Mario S.