Tunnel.py hanging after some time


I am having trouble with the tunnel.py in the digital foler appear to
working after a while when using lower bitrates (around 0.5 MB/s) . When
I first
set up the newtork I am able to ping other nodes with no problem. After
time (sometimes less than half an hour) the pings are no longer
sucessful. I
checked and the gr interface remains up and correctly configured with
the ip
address. When I ping out any host I can see the transmission on a
analyzer so I know the transmit path is still functioning. Higher bit
rates seem
to work for much longer periods of time. Has anyone else had similar
issues with
these bit rates? If so has anyone figured out the cause of the lost

I am using USRP2s with WBX cards and using 400 MHz carrier frequency. No
application traffic is being sent over the network.


Hi Dave,

Not sure whether we had the same issue. We modified the original
to a multichannel based tunnel. We were able to connect multiple nodes
(USRP2+WBX) initially after running tunnel.py. We could ping every
After a while, some nodes started to fail. If we restarted the failing
nodes, ping went through again. We were operating with 3 channels and
100kbps each on 400MHz.

Does anyone have a clue what is going on?