TudbcJRubyServlet shows JRuby+Tomcat is the fastest web svr

Check out the free TudbcJRubyServlet which shows that JRuby is the
fastest Ruby web server (using the “Echo” test) to run RB, ERB, and RBS
(“Ruby Servlet”).


It is even faster than Thin, Mongrel, and WEBrick. (Well, at least on
Windows platform or my machine.) I guess this statement will probably
cause quite a lot of controversy, so I also post another free tool that
I use to generate the bencharmark. See below.

You can also download the free TudbcWebBenchmark I used to test for
yourself. It is also a great tool for simple web app benchmarking.


p/s: You will also find the Ruby files (Xtra-Ruby.zip) that I used to
setup Thin, Mongrel, and WEBrick, so that you can do the benchmarking