TryRuby on 1.9.2 with all lessons working


I probably should start assigning version numbers to TryRuby.
If I were to, I’d call this a 0.7 release. The lessons are now all fully
working with no new security holes opened-- I am hoping.
The other bit of big news is that it now works with 1.9.2

by the end of the year I am hoping to have swapped out the MouseIRB
javascript console with Jquery Console.
I am also rolling out a json based lesson system. This will allow
and even user contributed lessons.
Naturally I am thinking about i18n from the ‘git init’. More on these
details later.

The main take away here is that Try Ruby now works with 1.9.2, that the
lessons now finally work, and that there is a lot more coming.

I’d like to just give a general thanks to everyone who makes the ruby
software eco system possible. Keep up the fantastic work.

Andrew McElroy