Trying to understand unicode character entry, goes into postgres DB backing rails, saved to yaml as

Examine the Unicode standard’s code page collection for “Latin small
letter a with macron”.
Nets U0100.pdf
“Latin small letter a with macron” appears on chart as 0101. This is a
hexidemial number which points to U+0101 as its code point. Converting
0101 to decimal gets you 257, this is the same as the HTML entity
HTML code point is 257. That is &257; gives you &257; != 325. OK, so I
can link this guy back to the Unicode source. But here’s the question,
what’s up with the two broken values.
Put &257; character into a view via Rails that is back-ended by a
PostGres database.
Using script/console, write the collection of models that contain this
accented character to a YAML file.
“Latin small letter a with macron” is stored in a YAML dump of
accented charcters as: \xC4\x81
Hm, OK that’s a start. Somehow 0101 or 257 is linked to C4 81 Let’s
convert those two to decimal and see if correlation becomes clear ( I
know, BTW, the database that holds that entry is in UTF-8).
C4: 196
81: 129
196+129=325 != 0101. Hm, look at documentation.
Be stumped.
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