Trying to parse, please help

I’m having no luck working on this, and it’s my first attempt at such a
process. Here is the code as it is now. When I run the file, I’m
testing it against my own twitter account, and I see in the ‘% Received’
it gets about 1100 bytes each time I update, but nothing else works
beyond that.

This is a job qualifier, any help is appreciated.

require "rubygems"
require "json"

BASE = ""
MODE = "follow.json"
USER = "-u----------:-------"

USERS = [26079932]

IO.popen("curl -d @following #{BASE}#{MODE} #{USER}") do |io|
    while line = io.gets
      status = line.length > 2 ? JSON.parse(line) : nil
      if status
        if status["user"]["screen_name"] == 'my_screen_name'
"update_file", 'a').puts "hello"
          #`echo \"#{status[:user][:id]}\" >> update_file`
    # connection lost

My god how low has the world gotten - it’s one thing for a kid to beg
code to get a high school grade in a class they probably don’t care
about -
but when an adult actually sticks up their hand in a room of
and begs for assistance to cheat a company out of money what the hell
we become. If you cannot perform the job (and can’t even figure out how
google the answer at least) then please have the decency to not steal
time and money of the company who you are trying to steal from.

John W Higgins

That’s very assuming. Good job, you’re typical.

A man of such integrity as John W Higgins would surely code in the
middle of Wichita for $10/hr and have an open case with SRS Vocational
Rehab. How about it, Higgs?

My sincerest sympathy (I can’t think of a better term here but I mean no
disrespect), on whatever condition/situation placed you in the situation
that required any form of rehab.

However, clearly if one looked at your original request it’s a very
different situation then what you now state. Maybe in the future when
make a request that clearly could be viewed as a negative request you’ll
a little more context around it so it doesn’t look like you are doing
something dishonest.

Best of luck to you and your family!

John W Higgins

I’ve been working on this for five hours and the closest thing this week
old problem has to a “solution” appears here

I’ve asked in the #ruby channel for 2 hours

You can all f*ck yourselves.

Finally made some progress, which means one less grudge :slight_smile: I’m
guessing this thread will get some traffic in the near future, so I’m
posting what I believe is a good starting block. While it’s not a
parsing solution, it should aim in the right direction.

require ‘rubygems’
require ‘json’

USER = “-uuser_name:password”“update_file”, “a”) do |f|
IO.popen(“curl #{BASE_URL} #{USER}”) do |p|
p.each do |status|
f.puts status

FWIW, why are you trying to use an external process within the ruby

A cursory search in twitter’s and in google will tell you that you
should be able to parse the stream directly. Look up open-uri docs -
that should get you someplace.

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