Trying to increase power/amplitude of signal sent from USRP using GnuRadio

I am working on a project were a program receives information from a
beacon and allows the computer to know its location in relation to the
beacon. Now we are trying to see the affects if that signal has
or is jammed.

The beacon sends out a frequency at 433Mhz and we are trying to use the
to cause interference or to jam the signal altogether. I have been using
the code within gnu radio to try and send the signal at the
frequency but it doesn’t cause interference. I need to increase the
power of
the amplitude of the signal enough to cause interference with the

I have try to use the option in the command
but this has to be between 0<=amp<1 and therefore doesn’t really allow
me to
increase the power of the signal.

I have also messed around with GRC but haven’t seen anything in there
would allow me to increase the power either. So any help would be great.

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