Trying to get rspec-rails working

I have a rails 2.3.3 app I am migrating to 2.3.11. In the process I
am adding bundler support.

When I add rspec and rspec rails (1.3.4) to my gemfile, then try to
install rspec-rails per the instructions (here
GitHub - dchelimsky/rspec: Behaviour Driven Development framework for Ruby)
using the config.gem method link, I can’t get the script/generate
rspec command to work (I am told rspec generator not found).

I’ve modified my test.rb file to look contain:
config.gem ‘rspec’, :version => “1.3.2”, :lib => false
config.gem ‘rspec-rails’, :version => ‘1.3.4’, :lib => false

I deleted my rspec.rake file (per instructions in link)

running rake gems RAILS_ENV=test

  • [R] rspec = 1.3.2
  • [R] rspec-rails = 1.3.4
    (R not I as directions say).

after all this I can’t do:
script/generate rspec
script/generate rspec_controller

Is bundler getting in the way here? IF so is there a workaround?
Thanks so much!