Trying to find out why my post was hidden?

Trying to find out why my post was hidden ?

All I did was post a link to my code on Github.

Is posting a link to a Github repo a violation of community guidelines ? I read them and saw nothing about it one way or the other. and if it is a violation, why ?

Hey @PaulGureghian, your post was flagged and subsequently approved as inappropriate. I had a look at your link, and found it genuine. I can agree that the way you expressed the topic was not very informative but everyone has their own style.

Please hang on while I’m clarifying the situation with the people involved.

Ok. Thanks. I like this forum

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All right, the person who flagged your post recognized it was a mistake, so it’s been restored: If you run my Ruby code.

Sorry for the mess. Enjoy!

Why was my post removed ?

This is quite a large forum with very few people working on it, and we receive quite a lot of spam and flagged posts. So the review queue is not always reviewed with the care it should require. Most of the time it’s OK because it is actually spam and people who flag posts are very helpful, but AFAIK this is the first time a genuine post actually gets deleted. We’re very sorry for that, and are thankful that you insisted on reporting the mistake @PaulGureghian.

Ok. thanks. I will keep posting here.

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