Trunking receiver on CGRAN

Hi all,

Just wanted to post quick and let you know I uploaded a trunking scanner
for Motorola Smartnet systems to CGRAN: The scanner is capable of logging
the output from all conversations on the entire trunk in real time, and
saves them to disk as .wav files sorted by talkgroup ID with an
accompanying .txt file containing timestamp information. Please see the
CGRAN page for further details. This program competes directly with
Motorola’s $150k logging receiver, and provides a way for users to
corroborate media accounts and deconstruct complex emergency responses
across multiple services. It could be used in the service of public
accountability by groups wishing to maintain a public archive of their
local system.

Please note that laws regarding scanner possession, use and recording
are complex and vary widely by jurisdiction; use of this program may be
illegal in your jurisdiction, and it is up to individual users to
determine the legality of possessing or using this software in a
particular way in their particular area.

Please notify me of bugs, suggestions, and your improvements.


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