Troubles with bindings lib in RoR

Hi to all
I have a simple library (extension) for ruby…
Here is an tes script for this library test.rb

if ARGV.include?(“local”)
require “…/…/bin/libagisRubySrv”
require “/usr/lib/libagisRubySrv”

a =
puts “a: #{a}”

someStr = “1234567890”
sz = someStr.length;
puts “strlength: #{sz}”
result = a.resolveCmd(someStr)
puts “result: #{result}”

It is working perfectly.

Its out:

a: #AGIS::RubyBinder:0xb7d185f0
strlength: 10
result: received data size: 10

But when I try to make the same in RoR controller…

$:.push ‘lib’
require ‘/home/valden/_AGIS/bin/librubySrv’
require ‘logger’

class SourceController < ApplicationController
before_filter :authenticate

def getBoundingBox
    logger ='log/main.3000.log')
    logger.debug '====='
    binder =
    logger.debug "bnd: #{binder}"
    testStr = "1234567890"
    result = binder.resolveCmd(testStr)
    logger.debug "result: #{result}"


in out file I get

bnd: #AGIS::RubyBinder:0xb71eb6dc
result: #AGIS::RubyBinder:0xb71eb6dc


Regards Denis V. Valchuk

P.S. In attachment sources of the library…

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