Troubles with ActionController::DoubleRenderError

Hello all!

I’m having troubles with my ruby application.

When I click on the submit button, the browser shows me this: We’re
sorry, but something went wrong.

The production.log file has this text:

Processing IdentificacionClienteController#parentesco_funcionario (for at 2010-06-18 12:14:02) [POST]
Parameters: {“expuesto”=>“no”, “beneficiario”=>{“puesto”=>“”,
“parentesco”=>“”, “nombre_expuesto”=>“”, “app_recursos”=>“”},
Redirected to

ActionController::DoubleRenderError (Render and/or redirect were called
multiple times in this action. Please note that you may only call render
OR redirect, and at most once per action. Also note that neither
redirect nor render terminate execution of the action, so if you want to
exit an action after redirecting, you need to do something like
“redirect_to(…) and return”.):
parentesco_funcionario' fcgi (0.8.8) lib/fcgi.rb:117:in session’
fcgi (0.8.8) lib/fcgi.rb:104:in each_request' fcgi (0.8.8) lib/fcgi.rb:36:in each’

Rendering /home/a/ruby/myApp/public/500.html (500 Internal Server Error)

And the line that has the error is:

redirect_to (:action => :imprime_req, :beneficiario =>

I tried to fix it with this:

redirect_to (:action => :imprime_req, :beneficiario =>
and return

But the application continues doing the same.

If I do the same locally, using WampServer and NetBeans, the application
works perfectly, but in the server doesn’t.

Please, I hope and someone can help me.

Thanks and regards