Trouble with WIN32OLE obj, methods that return other objects

Dear Friends,

Is is possible in Ruby to instantiate WIN32OLE objects that are returned
by a method call on other WIN32OLE objects?

The situation is the following. There is a
OLE (COM) object (for communicating with a Navision ERP system). It has
a CreateoutMessage (yes, misspelled, it’s Microsoft, so don’t be
surprised) method that returns another OLE object (a message object). So

So I do

cc2 =“NsComCom2.CommunicationComponent”)
and it works fine.

now, I would try to

msg = cc2.CreateoutMessage(“Message queue://.\private$\NIF”)

and it does something but it does not instantiate the right object in
the msg variable, because the methods I’d expect msg to have are not
available. Yes, I know there are some casing quirks, so I tried
createoutMessage, createoutmessage, create_out_message, createOutMessage
and whatever, but it never worked. mgs.class just returns WIN32OLE.

Any ideas?

An Excel example will just do fine - say, call a method on a Sheet that
returns a Range object into a variable, and then call some method of the
Range object instance.

Wow… an Excel example won’t do, as I methods returning other object
work just fine with Excel, but not with these objects I use. But I think
the objects are not buggy, because they work in VBScript, there must
just be some special kind of behaviour.

My complete code is:

require ‘win32ole’

cc2 = WIN32OLE::new ‘NsComCom2.CommunicationComponent’
mqba = WIN32OLE::new ‘MSMQBusAdapter.MSMQBusAdapter’
cc2.AddBusAdapter mqba, 1
mqba.OpenWriteQueue ‘.\private$\NIF’ , 1 , 0
mqba.OpenReplyQueue ‘.\private$\NIF-REPLY’ , 0 , 0
outMsg = cc2.CreateoutMessage(‘Message queue://.\private$\NIF’)
outStr = outMsg.GetStream

and I get an error stating outStr is a NilClass…

I have more focus on the problem now. It seems COM objects returned by a
method call on another COM object CAN be instantiated in Ruby EXCEPT
when it’s an IStream object. But why and how to work around it?

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