Trouble with Ruby GetText and frozen Rails?

I’m having trouble getting GetText to work on my Rails project.

My setup:
Ruby 1.8.5 (as it is used by my host)
gettext 1.9.0 (win32 gem)
Rails 1.2.2 (frozen through svn:externals on /vendor)

As long as I have Rails frozen I can’t require gettext

Adding this line to environment.rb and/or application.rb:

require ‘gettext/rails’

causes the built in server to stop after

“** Starting Rails with development environment…”

If I remove rails from /vendor the server starts just fine.

Is this a problem with ruby gettext, or is it just not possible to use
installed gems when running frozen rails?

Is there anyway to make gettext it reachable for rails in vendor?

Is it possible to unpack gettext in vendor and still make it possible
to use the windows gem on my developer machine and the native gem on
the production machine?

Thank you for any advice!