Trouble with Plugins: file_column

I’ve been trying to install the plugin file_column as per the
instructions provided on the website. In short:

ruby script/plugin install

Unfortunately, for most of the afternoon and into this evening, the site
seems to be having trouble. It has been reporting “Plugin not found:
[file-column]” although occasionally it starts downloading files,
getting through about 8 or 9 of them before it replies back with the
error message from above.

Since I have been unable to find another repository with the code, I
downloaded the latest copy directly from the site, uncompressed it and,
per the README, dropped it into the plugins directory. However, as it is
not working, I feel like there is another step I have to do - such as an
install - does anybody have any suggestions about how to get on my way
with this?


Well u can download it from site either
through or
even directly .tar file is available which can be later installed in the
vendor folder

hope this helps…