Trouble Sending Emails


One of my scripts that used to send e-mails on successful completion
has stopped sending e-mails. Using ruby-debug, I found that it is
indeed reaching those lines of code but no e-mail ever gets sent. I
can send e-mails using the exact same code from irb. Here’s what I

body = “Subject: Product Import succeeded for supplier #{supplierid}
at #{}\r\n\r\n”
Net::SMTP.start(mailserver, 25, helo_domain, email_address,
password, :login) do |smtp|
smtp.send_message(body, from_address, to_address)

Any ideas where I can look or what I can try to solve this problem?
Like I said, it works from irb when I cut-and-paste this code…

Is your irb session running as the same user the script is being run as?

On 9/4/07, Matt W. [email protected] wrote:

at #{}\r\n\r\n"

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