Trouble routing with sub controller


I’ve got an app that is working fine on my local system such that a
URL like this


routes to controller => admin/customer, action => list

and something like this


routes to controller => admin/customer, action => show, id => 2002

However, when I copy this to a server to run it there, the URL like

routes properly. But the URL like

routes to controller => admin, action => customer, id => list

The routes.rb file is identical in both places. What would I want to
look at on the server to figure out what I need to change? The only
difference I see is the SSL URL in use on the server. But I can’t
imagine that’s the culprit since one of the SSL URLs is working.

Anybody with some suggestions on what to check?


On Jul 30, 9:50 am, Jack [email protected] wrote:

As a follow up, I just checked the version of mongrel on my local
system and the server. Localhost is running Mongrel version 1.1.3. The
SSL server is running Mongrel version 1.0.1 Could the older version on
the server be causing a problem with this?