Trouble resampling FM MPX signal

I have an MPX generator, Stereo Tool ( that
records a 192khz wav. In it, is mono, pilot, Stereo, and RDS. The only
thing missing an an FM modulator. Trying the Frequency Modulator and
Transmit, I have had zero luck re-producing the original signal on any
reciever. The audio is slow, too fast, the pilot (or RDS hash, not sure
which) is clearly audisble and it looks horribly malformed in the FFT.


What I am expecting:

  • Input 192khz-wide baseband signal containing unmodulated FM mono,
    pilot, Stereo, and RDBS signal.
  • Have signal modulated for FM
  • Work

What I get:

  • None of the above.

*How to reproduce. *

  • Use Stereo Tool and record “FM Transmitter” output to a WAV file. Use
    file for input.

The sample rate for the FM signal is 192 and the project is 288khz. This
thwe final peice of a long-going project so any help here is

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