Trouble reading attachments on OS X


I am sending e-mails with actionmailer and I have the following code to
send an e-mail with an attachment:

  @headers['Content-Type'] = "text/plain; charset=utf-8;

@body[“application_id”] = app_id
unless (file.blank? || file.kind_of?(StringIO))
attachment :content_type => “multipart/mixed”,
:body =>,
:filename => tempfile.original_filename,
:charset => “utf-8”

That works fine as long as I am reading the e-mails (with the
attachments) on a windows operating system. Strangely enough it does not
work on OS X. On Tiger for example this does not work. An image (jpg)
file works but a pdf file will not be readable. (Strange characters
only) I can read the e-mails on Mac but I cannot open the attachments.
The server is a debian sarge.

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot.


I am not sure about that but at least it happened on every e-mail client
it was tested. (So far on 2 Installations) Don’t know which e-mail
client those guys used - but I can get this information I think.


Sounds kinda weird that this is platform related like that. Does it
apply to all (or at least more than one) e-mail clients on OS X?

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