Trouble loading fixtures for name-spaced model in tests

Hi, I had to wrap a model in a module to work around a name conflict.
Now my model is MyApp::Country instead of Country. I also renamed the
table to ‘myapp_countries’ and used set_table_name ‘myapp_countries’ in
my model. Now my app works just fine with this, but I am having trouble
getting my fixtures to load in my functional and unit tests. I renamed
the countries fixture to ‘myapp_countries.yml’, and used ‘fixtures
:myapp_countries’ in the tests but I keep getting the following errror:
‘FixtureClassNotFound: The class “MyappCountry” was not found.’ Any
ideas how to make this work? Thanks! Ingo

Try posting your question on You might get your answer

On Feb 3, 8:08 pm, Ingo W. [email protected]