Trouble installing/configuring RadRails on XP


(I apologize if this isn’t the right place to post this.)

I’m trying to get RadRails up and running on Eclipse 3.2 on Windows

I followed the instructions at < | Axway
and the installation seemed to go smoothly. However, when trying to
follow directions for configuring it at
< | Axway
Configuring_your_RadRails_setup>, I found that my Preferences dialog
didn’t contain the Configuration page under the Rails node, nor did it
contain the Ri/rdoc page, or show the rails icon in the title bar as
image on the web page does.

Am I missing something here? Perhaps my installation didn’t proceed

I am grateful for any help you guys can provide!


try to starte eclipse this way:

eclipse.exe -clean

and the try to find your plugin with:

"About Eclispe… " => “Plug-in Details” or “Feature Details”


Thanks Marcel.

I can now see the Ruby plugins and their associated information in the
About Eclipse… dialog, so I think something worked correctly.
However, I still can’t see any of the configuration panels shown in
the documentation.

Any other explanations that you can think of?