Trouble connecting to #rubyonrails IRC channel?

I’m trying to connect to #rubyonrails channel and keep getting thrown
into #overflow. I tried issuing the following command to become
registered but still get thrown into #overflow

/msg nickserv register

Any ideas?

Message when I get thrown into #overflow:
Notice from ChanServ (FreeNode): [##overflow] You’ve reached this
channel because the channel you tried to enter has been configured
with join throttling (+J). There may be a clonebot attack in progress
there, or simply unusually heavy interest. Please leave this channel
and try again. Your channel may also be “identified-only” (+r); join
#please_register for more information. If you need help, message a
freenode staffer or email [email protected]


Your have to register, type what it says:

/msg nickserv register

I have tried that command and I still get thrown into the #overflow
channel. any other ideas?


Don’t forget to identify.

/msg nickserv identify

Doing so made it work for me.


I swear it’s a secret that no one wants to divulge. I have the same
problem and could never get the answer out of anyone, including the
admins on FreeNode.

fyi, also see
“doesnt autojoin #rubyonrails any more”

On Sep 29, 9:55 pm, “[email protected][email protected]