Trouble at OFDM modulation FFT waveform

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Hello Gaddam,

I can’t really make out much in your illustration, but it looks like a
textbook illustration of the power spectrum density (PSD) of three
different signals; sadly, you don’t really explain what you’ve tried so
far, so it’s hard to explain this based on something.

You will have to feed in these three signals into the FFT Plot. You can
set the number of inputs to three, and you can transform any signal
between time and frequency domain using the FFT block of GNU Radio.

Assuming you’re new to GNU Radio, please have a look at the Guided
Tutorials (start with parts 1 and 2), which will explain a lot of things
very nicely:

Also note that there is already a fairly well-working OFDM
implementation in GNU Radio, so although this might be a very
educational example, you’re kind of re-inventing the wheel. A lot of
projects that already employ that implementation or use their own exist,
for example an IEEE802.11 (WLAN) Phy layer and LTE implementations. You
can build your project atop of these very good references!

Best regards,