Trollop 1.7.1 released

Trollop version 1.7.1 has been released!


Trollop is YAFCLAP — yet another fine commandline argument processor
for Ruby. Trollop is designed to provide the maximal amount of GNU-style
argument processing in the minimum number of lines of code (for you, the

  • Simple usage.
  • Sensible defaults. No tweaking necessary, much tweaking possible.
  • Support for long options, short options, short option bundling,
    and automatic type validation and conversion.
  • Automatic help message generation, wrapped to current screen width.
  • Lots of unit tests.



require ‘trollop’
opts = Trollop::options do
opt :monkey, “Use monkey mode”
opt :goat, “Use goat mode”, :default => true
opt :num_limbs, “Set number of limbs”, :default => 4

p opts


require ‘trollop’
opts = Trollop::options do
version “test 1.2.3 © 2007 William M.”
banner <<-EOS
Test is an awesome program that does something very, very important.

test [options] +
where [options] are:

opt :ignore, "Ignore incorrect values"
opt :file, "Extra data filename to read in, with a very long option 

description like this one", :type => String
opt :volume, “Volume level”, :default => 3.0
opt :iters, “Number of iterations”, :default => 5
Trollop::die :volume, “must be non-negative” if opts[:volume] < 0
Trollop::die :file, “must exist” unless File.exist?(opts[:file]) if


1.7.1 / 2008-01-07

What changes were made?

BTW, I LOVE trollop and use it exclusively.

Excerpts from thefed’s message of Tue Jan 08 13:46:10 -0800 2008:

What changes were made?

Just documentation changes. A couple things were updated, and the
synopsis is now on the front page of the rdoc, by popular demand.

BTW, I LOVE trollop and use it exclusively.


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