Triggering servlet shutdown

I am running my app in Jetty as a WebAppContext, packaged with warbler.
Running jetty in an embedded style: I have a jetty launcher java class
that reads my xml configuration and starts up the jetty server, run as a
windows service via procrun.

Anyhoo, I am interested in somehow triggering a shutdown / restart of
the entire windows service from the rails application layer. A
SystemExit exception doesn’t cut it, as something (rails I presume) is
catching all those exceptions and logging them for me. I don’t know how
to communicate a shutdown request to the rack level, and even then
beyond that getting it to jetty such that jetty stops that server
instance might be another difficulty in itself.

It would be cool to be able to detect that the server needs to reboot
itself and initiate that reboot from the rails code w/o requiring the
user to start/stop the service. Thanks for any pointers.