Trial fix for recent linking issues now in developer branch

The recent breakage of the linking problems on the trunk (which also got
back ported to the release branch) has a trial fix at:

A thorough clean up and “harmonization” has been done, with renamed
macros. Notably, all build dependencies within the tree are now
correctly pointing at libtool ‘’ type files. Build
dependencies outside the tree point at ‘-Lpath -lfoo’ entries, most of
which are actually populated by the configure program. This does the
damage introduced by fixing ticket:138; unfortunately, it probably
re-breaks Cygwin/MSYS.

Please test through ‘make distcheck’ if you can.

Once this is verified, it will also get back ported to the release
branch. Given the amount of change in this area, there will be a
3.03rc2 candidate release tarball.

Johnathan C.
Corgan Enterprises LLC