Trepanning, rb-threadframe, rb-trace for MRI 1.9.3 (next gen ruby-debug)

I’ve just put on gemcutter new versions of the Ruby debugger trepanning.
This in turn uses rb-threadframe and rb-trace. See

A little history. ruby-debug got more and more convoluted over the years
and part of the problem was and still is a lack of run-time support for
debugger things. Sometime in the Ruby 1.9.1-1.9.2 time frame I started
experimenting with beefing up the run-time support in Ruby for things
like debuggers. In particular, I added a call-frame object, run-time
support for setting breakpoints and a number of other things like this. has
the detailed list of changes.

In MRI 1.9.2, I tried as much as possible to do these things as a C
extension. However with 1.9.3 this was no longer tenable since even
fewer functions and variables are exposed. So in 1.9.3 more of these
changes are moved into a patched MRI 1.9.3.

I’ve built this on Linux and cygwin. Sorry, I don’t have OSX to try it
on. Since this is sort of new stuff, if you are a novice you might
consider waiting a bit.