Trellis.viterbi function_2part

Thanks Achilleas.
I read all the documentation concerning the trellis, and the final idea
comes to me is to write a code like the following (to implement the
convolutional decoding 1/2, poly 91,121, constraint len 7):

input_length = 48
output_length = 24
src_data = [1.0 for index in range (input_length)]
src = gr.vector_source_f (src_data, False, input_length)
f = trellis.fsm (1,2,[91,121])
my_trellis_viterbi = trellis.viterbi_i (f,24,-1,-1)
dst = gr.vector_sink_i (output_length)
self.fg.connect (src, my_trellis_viterbi)
self.fg.connect (my_trellis_viterbi, dst) ()
dec_temp = ()

why do you think it does not work? The error is always a mismatch of
dimensions between inputs and outpus.


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