Trellis imported on GRC


I think the “trellis” part of GRC is ready for prime time.
All my tests work so far and produce the expected results.

I am attaching the following files: (all grc trellis defs) (I spoted a bug in the chunks_to_symbols block and I
corrected it) (I added the “numerical display block that Martin D.
developed–is currently part of the grnuradio trunk”)

also attached find an example graph with corresponding help files
that tests a simple convolutionally encoded QPSK system.

Let me also take a minute and thank you for your contribution. I believe
is very important especially for those of us who need to educate
students: with GRC a student can start using gnuradio in less than a
week! I am definately planning to test this hypothesis over the summer
with a group of undergrads.

My wish list for GRC at this point includes:

  1. A way to build hierarhical block diagrams, ie, group a bunch
    of blocks together and define a new block so I can reuse it within GRC.

  2. global variables of type string and vector
    (so that I can define globally some filenames and some constellations
    that are used in multiple blocks).