Treequel 1.1.1

Treequel is an LDAP toolkit for Ruby. It is intended to allow quick,
access to LDAP directories in a manner consistent with LDAP’s
free-form nature.

It’s inspired by and modeled after Sequel
(, a
kick-ass database library.

== Examples

Here are a few short examples to whet your appetite:

Connect to the directory at the specified URL

dir = ‘ldap://,dc=com’

Get a list of email addresses of every ‘person’ in the directory


has one

dir.filter( :objectClass => :person ).filter( :mail ).map( :mail

Get a list of all IP addresses for all hosts in any ou=hosts group

in the whole directory:

dir.filter( :ou => :hosts ).collection.filter( :ipHostNumber ).
map( :ipHostNumber ).flatten

Get all people in the directory under ou=people in the form of a

hash of

names keyed by email addresses

dir.ou( :people ).filter( :mail ).to_hash( :mail, :cn )

More elaborate examples of real-world usage can be found in the
directory in the distribution. You can also browse them in a web browser
via the project page:


== Project Page


== Installation

Via gems:

$ sudo gem install treequel

or from source:

$ wget
$ tar -xzvf treequel-1.1.1.tar.gz
$ cd treequel-1.1.1
$ sudo rake install

== Changes

This release fixes a critical bug in the Treequel::Model system
introduced in
the 1.1.0 version.