Transmitting real data

Hello to all,

I got stuck in transmitting real data from one usrp to another.

what i am doing is at TX side:

Generate real values(Gaussian dist) —> throttle --> float to
complex–>USRP sink

at RX side :

USRP source —>throttle–> Complex to real --> Histogram (it should
show some variated form of Gaussian dist )

USRP Version : 1
Daughter boards : RFX 2400
Central freq : 2412MHz (2.412GHz)
Sampling rate : 1Mhz
Interpolation : 128
Decimation : 64
Gaussian Amplitude : 10
Off set : 0

Can anyone please let me know…where i’m going wrong…or suggest me
any other method.

Thanks & Regards

Srinath Venkat