Transmitting Audio Stream Using

I need some help using the I am trying to transmit an audio
stream preferably coming from the computer’s soundcard microphone input.
I tried running the following command:

sudo ./ -f 99.3M

The following is what I get:

“992 items of size 33. Due to alignment requirements
4096 were allocated. If this isn’t OK, consider padding
your structure to a power-of-two bytes.
On this platform, our allocation granularity is 4096 bytes.”

Does nothing for a little bit but then gives:
“snd_pcm_readi error” or something.

I am using default “hw:0,0” because I tried using with
hw:0,0 and I could hear the file therefore, I believed it is a valid
device location for the soundcard. I am using a Basic TX right now to
perform this. I would eventually like to receive the audio using an FM
radio and I believe GMSK modulation can would make it able to be
listened on an FM radio. Therefore, I am trying to use the default
modulation. Has anyone tried something like this? I heard a few threads
with similar information but couldn’t get a clear idea.

Thank you in advance,

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