Transmitting a binary 'ones and zeroes' file for Bit Error A

Hello Everyone

I am currently working on binary file transmission from one system to
another, but couldnt figure a way out yet.

Using when I send a binary file with just an arbitrary
stream of ones and zeroes, data is read and transmitted as packets well.
But unfortunately, on receival side on the retrieval of data, it isnt
written back into the file in the binary format as originally but a
combinations of bits are clubbed and expressed by incomprehensible
hashes and stars. So the data cant be deciphered.

I tried using the GMSK modulation scheme. But the binary data chunks are
filtered out during transmission only…probably due to the gaussian
filter. Please check me out if I am wrong.

Could anyone suggest a way for a ones and zeroes file to be transmitted?
My final aim is to find the ‘Bit error rate’ of transmission form one
node to another.

Also is there any way of comparing two binary files? I mean how should
one approach the bit error analysis keeping correlation in mind etc?

Thanking you all
Rashi Dixit