Transmitter-Receiver synchronization

Hi everyone,

I am using USRP + RFX2400 + SUSI.

I have problem with the frequency synchronization of two USRP nodes,
one is transmitter and the other one is slave. The way I am handling
problem at the moment is as follows…I always first use
fftsink.fft_sink_c() with usrp’s decimation = MAX i.e. 256, then I
calculate how much deviation is there from the center and then I
add/subtract that factor from my actual receiver which actually I want
use for receiving data.

But the problem is every time I need to do this manual calculation. Now
I am
thinking to implement a routine which will always run (whenever freq.
synchronization would be required) and will find the peak (may be the
peak shown by fftsink) and will calculate the center frequency where the
peak is found…??? But this is just my theoretical idea, I dont know
can I do it…Can some one please tell me how I can implement such
sychronizer(or may be you can say I want to implement PLL). How can I
the peak? and How I can find the frequency of that peak?

Best Regards

Kaleem Ahmad

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