Transmitted power control

Hello, I’m new with GNU Radio, so probably this is a very stupid
question. I’m trying to transmit a modulated signal through a RFX2400
and receive this signal with this same transceiver so I can test the
blocks in GNU Radio Companion work as I expect. I’ve got two antennas
separated by 1m.
The problem is I don’t know how to control the emitted power not to burn
the usrp. I’ve got a FFT diagram, but acording to what I’ve read, the
power displayed there is not exactly what i’m transmitting, it’s
relative power. I also have a amplitud gain control, so I guess that if
I put that to the minimum I will transmit enough low power, since I want
to transmit less than 0dBm.
Is there any way to control the exact dBm being transmitted apart from
using a external device to measure the power?

Thank you

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